This place gave her the creeps. She shivered as she walked up the stone steps, slick with moisture, and pulled her jacket tighter against the cold mist. It felt so lonely and empty here, like something out of a horror movie. No wonder they chose this for their meeting place.

She studied the shadows as she walked, fighting the urge to reach for her gun. It wouldn’t do any good. It wasn’t there. She was walking into this meeting with nothing – no gun, no wire, no phone. She was completely at their mercy. Alone. Abandoned. She shivered again, but this time it had nothing to do with the frigid air.

There was no other choice. If she didn’t finish this now, years of work would slip away, and the whole group would walk free. Two people had already died during the robberies – how many more would be killed if these men weren’t stopped? She was thankful this case was almost over. Tonight would be the last night of this charade she’d been living. It would all end with their arrests tomorrow. She just hoped it would end with her still breathing.

She reached the door, closing her eyes for a moment and praying for her survival. She raised her hand to knock, but froze at the sound of voices. She strained to hear.

“You’re going to regret it. Bringing her into this was a mistake.”

Watts. That was surprising. He was usually the obedient follower, never questioning Todd’s decisions. What brought this on?

“Then she’s my favorite mistake.”

Todd. Her heart dropped. He was the one she feared most. The way he looked at her turned her stomach. She didn’t have proof, but she suspected he was the one to pull the trigger in both of the group’s murders.

“Something’s not right about this job, Todd. Something bad is gonna happen.”

Todd laughed. “You’re too superstitious. Relax, it’s fine.”

She hesitated a few more seconds, then knocked, focusing on slowing her breathing and slipping deeper into character as she waited. The opening door brought her face to face with a .45 Glock. She didn’t blink. “Expecting someone else?”

Todd smirked, holstering the gun. “Does anything rattle you?”

She hoped he didn’t see her pounding heart or her trembling hands. “In my line of work, it takes a lot more than that.” She stood still as they searched her, trying to keep her mind off what was happening. “Satisfied?” She met Todd’s stare, hoping he didn’t see past her act.

“Ladies first.” He pulled a flashlight from his pocket and used it to point down the dark hallway. “I have a little surprise for you before we start. I think you’ll like it.”

Dread crept into her mind as she started slowly walking. She tried to push it aside. He stepped around her, pushing a door open. Her breath caught in her throat. The third member of Todd’s team lay facedown on the floor. “Congratulations – you’ve been promoted.”




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